Matthew Sacks, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Clinical Services & Mental Coach

Matthew Sacks is a licensed clinical psychologist whose work focuses on the ways in which anxiety and stress impact performance, functioning, and quality of life. Dr. Sacks is dedicated to offering compassionate and insightful therapy, utilizing the most current and effective treatments available. He has worked with athletes, active duty military personnel, and veterans. Additionally, he has authored several peer-reviewed journal articles regarding the nature and impact of stress. Dr. Sacks currently works as a staff psychologist at the Malcolm Grow Medical Clinic located at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, where he serves as the Deputy Chief of the Resiliency Element, and as a member of the Traumatic Stress Response Team.

Dr. Sacks earned his doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and went on to complete his clinical internship at the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Hospital before taking on a post-doctoral position at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Hospital. As CAPE’s Coordinator of Clinical Services, Dr. Sacks specializes in working with individuals and teams dealing with clinically significant issues such as trauma, depression, and anxiety.