Individual Services

CAPE works with individual athletes in a variety of sports to help them reach their optimal performance level. We believe it is imperative to create a unique and individually tailored program for you. Because every client is different and has individual needs, each mental program will be specifically designed for you.

In-Person Consultations

For those able to meet in-person, CAPE offers one-on-one consultations scheduled to accommodate the specific needs of the individual. 

Phone Consultations

Given the typically hectic schedules of professional and amateur athletes, CAPE offers phone consultations to individuals who are unable to visit our office. We do believe that it is very important for individuals to meet face-to-face with a member of our team; however, ongoing and regularly scheduled phone consultations typically prove useful to athletes who must travel often.  


Video Consultations

Some clients may not be able to meet in-person, but are able to use video technology. Similar to phone consultations, in-person meetings are preferred, but video consultations allow the individual to continue working with a CAPE team member in increasing their athletic performance while still traveling.