About the Center for Athletic Performance Enhancement


At CAPE, we understand that the inside world of feelings and thoughts directly influences physical and athletic performance. These influences are modifiable and can be optimized through insight, communication, and awareness. The applicability of integrity and focus within each individual leads to improvements in one’s life and ultimately translates into improvements in all endeavors.

CAPE seeks to assist both professional and amateur athletes in understanding the relationship between mind and body. This understanding is used to optimize consciousness and create greater freedom of movement and superior performance. Through the implementation of specific technologies and interventions, we assist individuals in gaining a better understanding of themselves, creating more nurturing relationships and improving the ability to focus and concentrate. This form of emotional and psychological training allows individuals and teams greater strength and freedom in the field of life.

CAPE offers complete psychological, psychometric, and physical evaluations to assist in a thorough evaluation of individual players and members of teams. A specific program will then be designed based on the psychological needs of each individual and/or team.